A high profile entrepreneur will stop at nothing to go that extra mile and expand his organ trafficking world wide. Upon meeting with a high class businessman, he must succeed at staying ahead of his backstabbing colleagues.
Brooklyn mobster Johnny Bistro, is about to become a made man. Conflict rises when Johnny pursues stand-up comedy with the help of his agent/girlfriend Debbie Klein. His life with the Carboni crime family is in jeopardy if he doesn't quit his act. One way or another, Johnny must make a decision, but he knows he doesn't have a choice.
The 10-10-10 Student Film making Competition is a highly successful educational program developed by the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in 2001 to bring together student filmmakers and industry professionals in an effort to encourage and assist the next generation of filmmakers. In 2006 we expanded this program to include the 10-10-10 Student Screenwriting Competition in recognition of the essential role of the screenwriter in the film making process. Through these two competitions, students produce 10 films over a period of 10 days and are judged on both Film making and Screenwriting criteria. Since its inception, 10-10-10 has given a public forum to hundreds of student screenwriters and filmmakers and generated a wealth of original creative work.
Based on HP Lovecraft's "The Statement Of Randolph Carter" Peaceful Oblivion follows a cynical, overly anxious professor and his quest
to find a long lost treasure that is full proof enough for a Nobel Peace
Prize. With his numerous research and the help of an ancient text, he is set out with his debilitated student Randolph Carter, into the unknown, to only find an unexpected and
unforeseen outcome.